These lovely four piece kits give you everything you need to take care of your candles. The better you care for your candles, the safer you will be, as well as prolonging the burning time and life of your candle.

The three tools are stored on a matching tray, so that they will always be on hand when you need them. The tool trio comprises a candle snuffer, wick trimmer and candle dipper.

Candle Snuffer - This extinguishes the candle safely, ensuring that there is no risk of wax being blown onto you or your furnishing.

Wick Trimmer - This will cut your wick cleanly and at the perfect height, every time. Simply hold the trimmer at the base of the wick at a 45 degree angle and snip. This ensures the best flame for your candle and a clean, even burn.

Candle Dipper - This is used to remove foreign material from the melt pool, straighten the candle wick, and remove stray wax from the wick and the edge of your container.



Snuffer - 2.4cm x 19cm

Wick Trimmer - 6cm x 18cm

Candle Dipper - 1.7cm x 20cm

Tray - 9.6cm x 23cm 

Candle Care Four Piece Kit